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Top 5 Reasons Why Audits do not go well

1) You do not prepare! Prep work is the most basic and logical beginning to winning over an auditor! Prep, get organized look at the requirements of the audit and then DIVE in 1 by 1.

2) You do NOT comply with certain “ requirements” because you think they are a waste of time. Listen, every single audit I have done I have heard this, from receipt Ledgers to memos to files we all have our “not doin it” list but the reality is…. Its not a request it’s a mandate… SO JUST DO IT.

3) You leave it to the last minute, because your practice is more important and getting those clients though the door keeps the door open. Well….. I 100% agree but if you keep putting off the audit or spot check, those doors wont be open very long..

4) You Hide things!, don’t do it… just don’t… if you don’t know where it belongs ask, if you need help reconciling something do it. If you took a cash client memo the crap out of it and make it legit.

5) Over talking, when the auditor comes in, give them what they ask for and answer questions like you are on the stand. No song and dace is required. They are human to you know… they are there to do a job, a job to make sure you are on the right track to success and to help you if you are not. So listen to them.

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